Everyone loves a smooth face, especially one free of spots. It doesn’t matter if you’re fair complexioned or dark complexioned, you would agree with me on the fact that a smooth face does wonders! You wake up in the morning  and run your hands over and over your face, you look at yourself in the mirror and just enjoy the natural glow it gives, you take a selfie and you don’t have to add a filter  because your face is fresh like that! Oh well, this is not so when you have unwanted guests known as ‘’blackheads’’ loitering around your face. It is a total buzzkill. Here are five tips for getting rid of blackheads and restoring your natural glow?

Firstly, what are blackheads and what causes them? Blackheads are the small bumps which appear on your skin as a result of stuffed hair follicles.  They are called blackheads because the surface affected becomes dark. Although they are usually found on the face, but these bumps can also appear on other body parts such as the back, chest, arms, shoulders and neck. They tend to be present on the skin when hormones lead to an increased production of sebum, an oily substance underneath the skin.

Blackheads might prove a little difficult to tackle but employing some of these methods can make the job easier.

One way of getting rid of blackheads is by getting medications. Since blackheads are formed by hair follicles, medications containing vitamin A could be very useful as it keeps the plugs from building in the hair follicles and promotes fast turnover of skin cells. Drugs which contain benzoyl peroxide can be of great help, especially if the blackheads come with pimples or acne cysts.

The use of chemical peels should also be noted. Chemical peels help in removing the clogs that form on the skin alongside the dead skin cells that promotes the presence of blackheads. The application of a chemical peel on the skin, clears off the top layer while revealing underneath, a smoother skin. Mild peels can be gotten over the counter. Although, the presence of a dermatologist is needed during the application of stronger peels.

In the quest to tackling blackheads, the right oil-dissolving ingredients should be used on the face with a wipe. Ingredients containing malic, glycolic, lactic, or salicylic acids can be used in blocking the pores responsible for blackheads and setting them loose from clogging.

Fourthly, minimize the use of comedogenic products on your skin. Instead, make use of non-comedogenic products which do not clog pores and keeps them clear and open, which in turn reduces the buildup of dead skill cells.

For our last method, make sure you get enough rest. It is quite important that your body relaxes as this can also avoid stress. Stress triggers the production of sebum which is responsible for blackheads too. Do the needful and save yourself the stress of fighting blackheads. Rest, exercise, and rest some more.

Learn to engage in these acts and in no time, you will see the obvious difference. Remember, health is wealth.