Take a deep breath in. Now, let it out. Take another deep breath in. Let it out. What do you smell? Nothing? How can you smell nothing? It’s the fourteenth day of the month of February and still cannot smell love in the air? Wow! For those who were able to smell the love in air, congratulations. This article is definitely for you. You’ve probably been thinking of the right way to spend the special day set aside for love with your loved one(s) and have been able to come up with nothing. Worry not, we’ve got you. We’ll be giving you tips on how to have a memorable Valentine’s day and secure the bag or in this case, the heart of your partner.

1. A Romantic Dinner
Yeah, we know! It’s old fashioned, nobody does this anymore, blah blah blah. But that’s the point- deviate from the norm. While everybody’s is busy visiting eateries and going back home, you could make it more than that. How do you think your partner would feel if you invited her over to the house and cook her dinner? It’s not every day she gets to see men on aprons making a dish specially for her. You’re sure to earn a few points from her if she happens to be a hopeless romantic and your food is actually good- yes, your cooking has to be nice too.
Don’t forget to add a bottle of red wine to the occasion. It works every time, adding a spice of romance to the atmosphere.

2. Movie Dates
A whole lot of cinemas are going to have movies lined up for a showing tomorrow and our best guess is- they are going to be romantic movies. And if you want something indoor, you’re still covered with Netflix and Chill. There is absolutely no reason why you should spend your Valentine watching movies the same way you’ve watched them on other days- ALONE! Come on, pick up your phone there’s a whole of movies online waiting to be researched on and seen. Those romantic movies were made to get you mushy and they aren’t going to watch themselves.

3. Romantic Strolls
Many people underrate the power of taking a long stroll with their partners. Only recently, I have come to understand that taking strolls with your partners is not only beneficial to your health, but also to your emotional well-being. There is a lot of fun in holding hands while walking and finding out new things about your environment with your loved one.
So while you’re at work getting all stressed up with whatever it is your job entails, you could spend the closing of your day taking romantic strolls with your partner and buying whatever snack, ice cream or junk that comes your way.

4. Outings
This is probably the one ladies fancy the most- taking them shopping, to the latest confectionery in town, to the best restaurant, to the salon to get your partner looking dapper, etc. Apart from the joy of going out and buying things, you also get to ‘show off’ your partners to everyone who cares to see. The level of romance this carries depends on how you plan it. Pick really romantic places, have a couple of conversations that’ll suit the situation at the back of your mind to discuss with your partners and make plans for the future. This option doesn’t only give you an avenue to have fun, but also an avenue to get to know your partner better.

While these are the tips we have to offer, we are sure readers have other awesome ideas they’d like to share with us. Feel free, make use of the comment section. We can’t wait to read what you have.

According to statistics, just 10% of the world’s population is left-handed, and as expected many theories and myths about this rare type of people. As attractive and scary as some of these rumours may be, many of them are false and have not been proven scientifically. Without further ado, here are some of the rumours you may have heard about left-handed people.

1. Left-handed People are More Creative
In 1995, a study showed that left-handed men tended to think more creatively when solving problems, but there was no difference in thinking between female lefties and righties. This, however, there still is no scientific proof that links creativity and being left-handed, and all the suggestions that left-handed people are more creative than right-handed people are merely a myth.

2. Left-handed People are More Intelligent
The world is not left-handed friendly and most of the things being used in it were designed for right-handed people, so left-handed people have to think of ways to improvise and make use of these things. This has led to the assumption that they are more intelligent than right-handed. However, no scientific link has been made between intelligence and being left-handed so far.

3. Left-handed People May Have More Sleep Disorders:
A study monitored the rhythmic movement of limbs of right-handed and left-handed people while they slept. While 69% of right-handed people had movement, a whopping 94% of left-handed people also did. This can be an indicator of periodic limb movement disorder which could also result in sleep disorders.

4. Left-handed People are Introverted
Among the most popular myths concerning left-handed people is that they are introverted. This stereotype doesn’t in any way affect reality as it is just a mere farce. A study carried out in 2013 went on to dispel this rumour, having found no differences across any of the five personality measures tested between right-handers and left-handers.

5. Lefties are More Likely to be Leaders
While many past leaders of top world countries like America were left-handed, it is purely coincidental and has nothing to do with facts that left-handed people have more leadership abilities.

6. Lefties are More Likely to Have Mental Disorders
Studies have shown that left-handed people are more likely to develop psychotic disorders when compared to right-handed people who are likely to suffer from mood depression more. Further studies have been dedicated to finding out the part of the brain left-handed and right-handed people use to ascertain why this happens to be so.

We know that look on your face, we have ruined your fantasies about left-handed people. We are sure you have heard some rumours about them too. Feel free to share them with other readers in the comment section.

There are many theories about success and everybody seems to have an idea of how success can be attained, but ironically, not all of these people have been able to achieve the said success. It is true that there is no particular formula to success; there is no laid down rule that one can follow to ensure that he or she is successful, but then there are traits or habits that successful people share. If these habits are why they have managed to attain success, we can’t say for sure but we are going to be exposing to these habits, so you could try them and see if it works.

1. Focus
This is perhaps the most common trait among successful people. They get ideas, make plans to bring the idea to fruition and then stay dedicated to the cause. The drive to succeed is always there. Obstacles are only stepping stones to them and unlike other people who usually get distracted from their ideas a few days or weeks after conceiving them, successful people pursue theirs to the end.

2. Passion for Success
Successful people are always hungry for success. They are always enthusiastic about embarking on new projects and succeeding at them. The thought of success always motivates them to work hard and bring thought to life.

3. Time Consciousness
Successful people are adept at time management and are highly time conscious. Since they always work with a plan, time is a luxury to them and so they do all that they can to make the most of it.

4. Eager To Learn
Successful people are always open to new tricks and ways to get to their dreams. They are usually very open-minded and are looking for new ways and things to learn. Little wonder why they are very knowledgeable about a lot of things and find it easy to surmount obstacles.

5. Proactive
Successful people never rest on their oars, they are always working towards something new that would bring them success instead of waiting for it to come them. It is part of what sets them apart from normal people. This trait helps them get ready for whatever opportunity that comes their way and make the most out of it.

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this piece, no one has the definite formula for success, but there are traits or habits that successful people have in common. And if you adopt them, you just may find yourself being successful as well.